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Trauma Counseling: EMDR and IFS with Emily Paxton, LMHC

I counsel clients seeking relief from past painful and traumatic life experiences.

The modalities of therapy I use include EMDR, Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing and IFS, Internal Family Systems.


EMDR is a gold standard treatment for trauma and negative beliefs that are formed from our early childhood experiences. Many of these beliefs impact our present day living in many ways including our inter-personal relationships, work stressors, sleep, body self-care and so on. EMDR helps to process old childhood memories linked with negative beliefs.


Internal family systems therapy modality explores the different parts of ourselves that may be carrying guilt, shame, anxiety, depression, body hatred, trauma, or other difficult beliefs and thoughts. In this type of treatment, work is done internally allowing people to connect with these parts of themselves in non-judgmental and loving ways in order to bring healing and connection to the parts.


Information about EMDR:
Information about IFS:

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